Sunday, March 12, 2017

GI and Strep Throat

Tuesday night was ballet and we had a great time.  Raygen is a social butterfly.  She may not follow directions, but she runs around the room happy and watching everything.  Raygen loves music.  Music makes her very happy and with mirrors on the wall so she can watch herself dance is the best!
Thursday was GI in Tacoma.  Everything checked out great.  Raygen gained weight and now is 38lbs and growing!  Some minor changes were made to her blend to add more grain, but  otherwise, we replaced her g-tube and were off. 
On the GI floor there is a beautiful mural and Raygen is always fascinated by it. 
It's wonderful the mural wall is there because it kept Raygen occupied so she wasn't running around being exposed to germs etc.  Raygen has a weak immune system so the littlest strand of anything picks up and it can turn serious fast.  A cold or strep throat, like Raygen is battling now is a lot harder for her then a normal, healthy child.

Raygen woke up Friday morning screaming and acting very unusual.  She would cry then do a weird jerking movement and it continued to get worse.  I was so scared and knew something was wrong.  So I immediately started to get her dressed with one hand while the other was calling the doctor's office.  I was able to get her in at 9am so I rushed her out to the car and headed out.  I knew she had a temperature because she was hot to the touch and even her feet were hot and Raygen never has warm feet.  The doctor took one look at her and agreed Raygen looked like she didn't feel well.  She had a temperature of 101.6 and one look in her throat the doctor said "Yep, it's strep."  Raygen's tonsils and the back of her throat were red and swollen.  Raygen was prescribed a antibiotic and then we headed home and loaded up on Tylenol and Ibuprofen.  Today she is doing good as long as I stay up on the medicine.  Her fever did come back last night and so far today she's been pretty happy.  Hopefully by tomorrow she will be over the hump and back to feeling better. 
Before the IPad she loved her little TV.  Here she fell asleep watching Sesame Street. 
Raygen's first trip to church. 
Our chunky little baby.  Where did she go? 
Her first picture outfit.

Raygen's birthday is fast approaching....March 23rd and this girl will be 6!!!!



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