Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day Two of our Canada Trip

Second day we toured the beautiful Stanley Park.  Our first stop was the Canada statue for friendship.
Can't spend the day at a park with swings and not stop.
Raygen really enjoyed herself.

We also took the Horse and Carriage tour.  It was an hour long and narrated so we learned a lot about Stanley Park and saw some historic sights.
Raygen was getting tired during and after the horse ride.  It was also very hot.  She hung in there though and overall I think she did enjoy the snuggles with me during the ride.
We ended our day at the Vancouver Aquarium.  Raygen loved looking at all the fish, but it was a Saturday and very crowded.  We didn't stay long.  I think if we were to do this again we would have went to the aquarium on another day.
We were able to sneak up and check out a few fish.

We spent the whole day at Stanley Park and probably didn't see half of what it has to offer.  Such a beautiful park.  My only recommendation is to have patience.  Especially during the weekends.  There are a lot of people that love the park.  It was a wonderful experience.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It just so happened that we planned a vacation one year after Raygen's Fontan.  It's crazy to think this time last year we were with Raygen at Seattle Children's and now we were off to Canada for a five day trip.
On our way to the border.  Raygen did so good during the drive.  We stopped half way and let the girls both get new movies.  That was a good investment.
Checking out the sights in Vancouver.
Amazing this was all built for the Olympics in 2010.  I think...

One of the views from our room on the 23rd floor.
We did so many things this week.  It was a great trip.  Can't wait to share with you.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

1 Year post Fontan

One year ago tomorrow I kissed your sweet face and handed you off to the doctors and nurses at Seattle Children's for your third open heart surgery. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I knew what to except. I knew your heart would be stopped. I knew you would be placed on bypass while the doctors worked their magic and I prayed with every fiber in my body that your heart would beat again. The moment you know your daughter's heart is on bypass is a fear that is un...explainable. Four, Five, Six hours pass and still praying, barely breathing, can't even think straight till I know I will hold you in my arms again. When I was finally able to set eyes on your sweet face I knew everything would be okay. I knew the tubes, wires, and iv's would slowly go away and each day we would love you back to health and home. You are the strongest child I have ever known and I am so very lucky to be your mother. Raygen Marie you make our lives so complete. You are so inspiring to me. You inspire me everyday. I live life because you teach me to live in the here and now with you and with your sister. I cherish every single second I have with you and pray for more. I have no idea what your future holds, but I know it holds something amazing. Because sweetheart you deserve nothing less. Just as you hear your sister and I say every night....I love you more..... :0)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zoo 2015

Tuesday we finally made it to the zoo.  It was a beautiful day.  Thank goodness we got there early because it ended up being in the 90's.  Way too hot to be at the zoo.
Raygen loved watching the polar bears swim. 
She couldn't get close enough to the glass.  I did my best to keep her from putting her mouth on it.  I really hope she didn't.
I think Raygen's favorite part of the zoo was the fish.  I think she would have been perfectly happy watching the fish all day. 
I was so glad that our friends Christina and Gabby and her boys were able to join us. 
Coulson is such a sweet boy.  I love how they watched the fish together.

We tried the carousal and the end of the day, but Raygen did not enjoy it at all.  You can see the nice little bruise on the bridge of her nose from her fall at the MLH picnic.  She did so well at the zoo.  This girl is a lot of fun to take places.  She is such a trooper.

Monday, August 17, 2015

MLH Picnic 2015

The day started off so wonderful. The weather was perfect and I easily found my way to the park.
We were so excited that Aiden and his family were there.  Aiden really liked Zoie.  We brought some bubbles with us so that really drew in the kids.
Raygen enjoyed the swing, but she wasn't in the best mood.  Right before we decided to head to the play ground and spray park Raygen fell face first into a picnic table.  My poor baby.  My heart just dropped.
She didn't really want to do much after her fall.  She is now sporting two little black eyes and a nice bruise across her nose.  I know it's normal for kids to fall down, but I feel so guilty.  I just turned to grab a t-shirt and she tripped over her feet and down she went.  I know she must have had a horrible headache for the rest of the day.
These were the only pictures of Aiden and Raygen we were able to snap while they were close together.  After swinging for about 5 minutes Raygen was done.  I know she was in pain.  She just wanted me to hold her or push her in the stroller.  I felt so bad because I know she would have really enjoyed the spray park and the toys if she hadn't fell down.

Me and my girl heading to the car.  Next year I'll make it up to her.  I'll just pack her the whole time so she doesn't have a chance to fall :0)  I doubt she'd let me though.  If anything, Raygen is very independent and very stubborn when she has her mind set on something.  I wonder who she gets that from????Maybe her Mama :0)

Saturday, August 15, 2015


The cutest thing happened this week.  Raygen's little cousin, Layton, now spends a few hours a week with us at the office.  His mommy, Lexi, helps me at the office.  Layton was fascinated watching Raygen play and decided he would play with tape like Raygen.  He asked me to take his socks off, because Raygen wasn't wearing any, and then proceeded to tape his toes together.  Why? Well cause Raygen was putting tape on her toes, lol!!! 
Raygen's favorite toy of the week was 4 plastic spoons rubber band together and then spilt so the handles of the spoons could go in the arms of a Barbie dress????  I know.  I have to say, my girl is very creative. :0) 
I just love this picture.  It looks like she a little artist.  She does like to color, but she would rather count the crayons then color.  As she is getting older I think she will enjoy the coloring more. 
After a brief tummy bug Raygen and I seem to be feeling better.  Raygen is still getting sick once at night, which I'm not sure why?  She seems in good spirits and tolerates her feeds all day till around her 7pm one.  That one she has been vomiting all week.  I will try to space her feed out more so the 7pm isn't a large feed, but I already struggle to get her volume for the day in.  Hopefully this will just get better as the evil bug rids itself. 
We have big plans tomorrow.  Heading to Tacoma for the 2015 Annual Mended Little Hearts Picnic.  Can not wait to see our heart friends and families.  Especially all our little heart warriors.  They are so amazing and to see them all happy and having fun does wonders for the spirit.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Busy Week

My parents are out of town so we are having Roo for the week.  They all look pretty impressed heading to the office.
Raygen playing with the neighbor.  They played very well together.  I think Raygen enjoyed watching the "playing" more then anything.
Raygen discovered that oven mitts can be used for shoes this week.  She did this all on her own.  She does have an imagination.

We went to the animal auction at the fair today and Raygen discovered she likes sawdust.
Mom on the other hand, does not like sawdust.  It is everywhere in my car now.  After the auction it decided to rain so we didn't hang around the fair too long, but overall we survived and bought a pig in the process.  I am exhausted and so glad to be home.  


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I leave the room for five minutes and I come back to this, lol!  She truly is a toddler.
Yesterday at work I turned around and found Raygen sleeping on the chair.  She woke up at 5am ready to start her day and by 3pm she needed a cat nap.  She is so wonderful.  There is never a dull moment with Raygen. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Raygen's Favorite Cousin

Everyday this week this is how my wonderful niece Bailee had to work :0)

Raygen just wouldn't give up loving on her.  She wasn't happy till she sat behind Bailee for at least 20 minutes.  Then she was okay to move on.