Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fun Times..

Raygen discovered pool toys are not just for the pool.
Walking backwards has become Raygen's new way to travel.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Playing at Grandma's...

I've been feeling a little under the weather so my wonderful Mother has been helping me with the girls.  You can tell Raygen doesn't mind :) 
Raygen enjoy's her Gator rides, but... 
she also enjoys a wagon ride.  Her favorite is the four wheeler. 
I just love all her faces.  Today she climbed up in the recliner all by herself.  Mom and I were so excited!  We were cheering her on and clapping and her reactions was.. 
this sweet face.  She had no idea why we were cheering, lol!

I think it's so crazy that she has no idea how wonderful she is.  She amazes me everyday.  It seems like only yesterday I was wondering when she would walk, if ever.  Now there is nothing that slows this girl down.  She is climbing up on chairs, up stairs, taking our hand to what she wants, and she even understands when we tell her to go give Papa a kiss goodbye.  She kisses Papa then heads to the door.  I have to get that on video.  It's priceless.  

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ear Checkup

Raygen playing with her lite-brite wall this morning waiting for her check-up.
Lining all her sticks in a row.

Doctor Polley said Raygen's ear looked great.  She said the ear drum was healing well and two more days on the ear drops and Raygen should be good to go.  The tube is out of the right ear, but she still has a tube in the left.  I really hope she is big enough not to need another set, but I guess only time will tell.
Raygen finished her day spending some time with her sister, Zoie.  It was so sweet to see Raygen want to sit on her lap and play the game with her.  Raygen hardly ever wants anything to do with her sister, no matter how nice Zoie is to her, but today she was happy to let Zoie help her play.  These moments are what I love the most.  My two girls together, happy, and healthy.

I am very blessed.



Friday, April 17, 2015

Ear Trouble..

Raygen had been up all last night.  Around 1am I gave her some Tylenol and kinda thought her ears were bothering her.  I checked them with a light and didn't see any drainage.  Since Raygen has ear tubes when her ears are infected you can tell because they are able to drain.
Then this morning she was fussing in the bedroom and Randy noticed she had blood on her hands.  When I went to pull her hair back I noticed her bloody ear.  We panicked.  We rushed her into her local doctor.

Through all this though, she was her normal happy self.  Occasionally digging in her bloody ear.
Mom and Dad were the ones that were worst for wear on this visit.   Nothing freaks you out more then bleeding from the ear when your child is on blood thinning medicine.
The thought is: that her ear tube came out and tore the bottom half of her ear drum.  That is where the blood is coming from.  Dr. Polly prescribed Raygen with some drops that have a steroid that will help with inflammation and the bleeding.  I will give her the drops two times a day over the weekend and take her back first thing Monday morning for another check up.  If the bleeding starts again then we will probably head North to Seattle.  
Even though she had to be in pain Raygen was such a sweet girl today.  She truly is amazing.



Monday, April 13, 2015

Maybe a bike? Someday..

Raygen and I went to her cousin's, Haze, birthday party this weekend and she really enjoyed the bikes.
There was a lot of people at the party so we hung out outside in the shop where it wasn't so overwhelming for her.
She still gets pretty upset when there is a huge group of people.
Then she hung out with the family while we worked out.  She just walked around talking and singing to herself.  One of these days she will speak a language that we can all understand, but till then, I'm happy with whatever noise she makes.



Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Little Conductor

Raygen was so wonderful at her GI appointment on Thursday.  We did a tube change and she didn't even cry.  She just played and watched her IPad.  The doctors were so impressed with how well she has grown.  There was no changes to her diet and her g-tube looked "wonderful!" the doctor told me.  I guess my cleaning routine is working.  We will go back in 3 months.  I love how she is forgetting that every doctor office means something bad is going to happen.  There was a time that just pulling up to an office or walking into one to check her in she would immediately start crying.  It was heartbreaking.  Now she is understanding that it is possible to go to the doctor without pain.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter and the Dentist

Dad helping Raygen hunt for eggs.
Zoie had a blast.  
I think Raygen just enjoyed being outside.  She wasn't much into the hunt as just checking out her surroundings.
When she did stumble upon some eggs she like to sit and shake them.  After she found one or two she was content.
She enjoyed herself.
I'd do anything for that smile.
She will hate me when she is older for posting pictures like this, but I couldn't help myself I love all her facial expressions.

Raygen and I ventured for the first time to the dentist on Monday.  I decided to take her to Seattle Children's because if she ever needed anything done, even for her teeth, it would be done there.  It was just the two of, but I think we did pretty good.  Raygen didn't enjoy having her mouth looked in, but it was quick and painless.  The dentist said she had all her baby teeth and they looked pretty good.  No signs of decay or cavities at all :)  She does have a little calcium in her mouth around her gums, but not too bad and I will try my best to brush more.  It's hard to brush someone's teeth when they have oral aversion, especially when they don't communicate on top of it.  I think the dentist was a good experience.  We will go back in six months.

Now tomorrow we head to Tacoma to see GI and a button change!  Good times, lol!!



Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Egg Shaking...

Raygen loved going outside to hunt for eggs, but she basically found one and was done.  :)  She loved shaking the eggs better then finding them, lol
I was happy as long as she was.
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  More pics coming.