Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Girl

Raygen had a good week.  She was pretty happy to go to school on Monday.
She was a great little helper at work. 
This weekend were going to paint pumpkins and celebrate by niece's 21st birthday with a family dinner.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Busy Days

So we've been pretty busy lately.  The days are just flying by.  We started the week with a grocery trip to Walmart.  The only way I can shop in peace with Raygen is to buy her a shirt.  For some reason a shirt on a hanger is the best entertainment for her.  It's pretty cheap too. 
She is an awesome shopping partner.  Just look at that smile how can you resist?
We cheered on Zoie Wednesday night at Rocky Top.  Zo and Tucker had an awesome ride ;)
We decided that 3am was a good time to start our day.  Especially if you could fall asleep again at 9:30am.
Made lots and lots of messes.
And made more pretty pictures.  I think I may have a little artist on my hands.
Can't wait to see what this week brings.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Raygen and her ABC's

Are you tired of me posting about Raygen and her ABC's?  I'm sorry I can't help it.  I know how smart she is.  I see it everyday, but most people don't believe me when I tell them she does know her ABC's.  No, she can't say them to you, but if you ask her a letter she will pick it out for you.  I just have to show you how awesome this is.  If this girl can do this, then eating and talking are not far behind :)

Friday, September 25, 2015


Raygen enjoyed preschool on Thursday.  She loves the wooden ABC puzzle.  She can put all the letters back all by herself.  She even knows them.  If you ask Raygen "Where the C is?" she will put the C in the puzzle.  I am so proud that that Raygen can recognize her entire alphabet.  I'm one proud Mama!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Enjoying Preschool

The pictures say it all.  Raygen really enjoys going to school.  I just love the picture with her and Gabby.  Whether they know it or not there gonna be best friends. 
She's ready to play. 
Taking a break to read a book.  A girl after my own heart.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Busy Girl

Raygen has sure been keeping me busy lately.  Today we decided to have a laid back Sunday at home.  We made play dough and took a good nap. 
She really enjoyed the play dough.  I was really surprised.  We will be doing this a lot this winter I think. 
She loves to throw papers at the office. 
Raygen does not help yet in the clean up, lol!  But in the end I don't mind picking up the mess if while she makes it I can get a little work done. 
Raygen discovered where I kept our raffle tickets... 
and she unrolled the entire roll.  Thank goodness Grandma rolled it back up, but this girl is definitely keeping us on our toes lately and were loving every minute of it :)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Last day in Canada

I can't take enough pictures of Raygen in her sunglasses.  This day she choose to wear them all day long.  She was so cute.
We couldn't leave Canada without checking out the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  It is a must do.
It was a beatiful day so we were lucky to spend it outside and in the shade for the most part.
Getting ready to cross the bridge.
Yes!!  That is the bridge.
Zoie seeing how big her wings would be.  I believe she was an owl?
It had wonderful little walk way around the tree village.  There are tons of little bridges once you cross the BIG one that go up in the trees and it's so beatiful. 
Couldn't resist.
Before you leave you have to try the cliff walk.  It's amazing as well as the big suspension bridge.  I was scared at first to go across and to take my children, but I'm so glad we did.  If you ever get a chance to stop while in Vancouver, you must.  It is a great place to spend the afternoon and a great last day for our Canada trip.

We made so many wonderful memories on this vacation.  



Thursday, September 10, 2015

GI Doc Update

GI went good.  GI appointments are always good appointments because nothing major really happens.
We did do a tube change and we had a few tears, but she recovered quickly.
We also had an x-ray of her tummy and she screamed through that.  For some reason Raygen really does not like x-rays.  For as many as this kid has had you'd think she would know they are not painful or scary, but she hates them all the same.  Her x-ray showed she is a little backed up so we will up her miralax dose for awhile and see if that helps.  Raygen was also down in weight so I am adding 100 calories per day to her diet to try to get her to maintain or at last gain a little instead of loosing.  We will go back in three months :0)



Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day Two of Preschool

So today we were off to preschool again and it was a huge....
Success.  Raygen had so much fun.  Just look at that smile.
She didn't play with any kids, but when kids got into her "space" she didn't mind it.
Raygen loved playing with her name tag today and just walking around the room.  She would glance around at the other kids playing and sometimes even stop to watch for a second or two.
Just seeing that smile makes me think she is ready for preschool, even if mommy is not.
It was a beautiful day today and Raygen really enjoyed playing outside on the playground.
So I guess my mommy heart has to admit that maybe we will have to make sure that this girl goes to preschool because she really enjoyed it.  So much so that she came home and took a nap.  She never naps ;)  So with her preschool/school schedule they have Wednesdays off so we will be back at school on Thursday.