Monday, November 14, 2016

Where does the time go...

Halloween has came and went.  Zoie was a cute puppy and Raygen was a little witch for about 10 minutes, lol!  We didn't go out trick or treating.  The weather was horrible and we were all pretty tired, but we dressed up anyway. 
Raygen discovered rubber boots and puddles with Grandpa. 
Zoie turned 13!!!  I can't believe this beautiful teenager is my daughter. 
I ran my second half marathon. 
I also got to meet someone who I adore.  Sarah from "Another Mother Runner." 
Raygen is still loving every minute of dance. 
Raygen went to ENT last week and had both her ear tubes taking out and is now on two allergy meds.  I'm hoping we can make it through this winter with no cold because I really don't want to put her through another set of ear tubes.  

Sorry for not being better at keeping my blog updated.  If you have facebook I do post more there just because I can quickly do it from my phone.  My world has been so busy lately I can barely keep up.  I hope soon I can find some R&R time, but now that were close to the holidays it may be next year.