Sunday, October 23, 2016


I love flash back pictures of Raygen especially when she shows us her beautiful smile.

Last night Raygen was trying out her "sweet" face.  I think it's a keeper. 
Finger painting ourselves when it's suppose to go on the pumpkin :0)  Straight to the tub after this. 
Modeling our new pj's. 
Finger painting big sister, Zoie, instead of the pumpkin, lol!!! 
and more modeling pj's :0)  She is still wearing them today.  She refuses to wear anything else.  I hope I can get them off of her later today so I can wash them. 
Two years ago she was fresh out of the hospital from the Fontan.  I can not believe the jumps and strides this girl has made in two years.  She continues to amaze us in her ABA therapy and she is finally starting to show interest in eating again.  She loves her dance class and she really loves books and being read to.  She is so much fun.  I wake up every morning excited to see what surprises this girl has in store for me, even if it's taking every piece of clothing I own out of my dresser :0)