Sunday, September 4, 2016

GI and Witches...

This week Raygen had her GI appointment.  Everything went good :)
She even got a new tube!  She weighs 35lbs which is lower then last time so I am increasing her calories a little and adding more grain.  I don't want her to gain weight, but I definitely don't want her loosing.  A slow increasing gain or maintaining is our goal for night.
Afterward we headed over to Costco and Raygen discovered the Halloween section.  She wanted this costume because the witches broom that came attached to it was a pom pom!!  Raygen even slept with it for two nights in a row.  I was impressed she wanted the dress on.  I ended up having to cut the sleeves off to make it easier to take on and off, but it still looks cute.  She has brought me the dress a few times since and has worn it for about five minutes and then she's done.  I had no plans on doing any trick or treating this year because Zoie has out grown the tradition and really Raygen has no interest, but now that we have a costume we may have to rethink that?
This is how were spending our Sunday.  A nice relaxing day and the grey sky is now blue.  I can not believe the summer is over. 
Where did the time go?

Raygen's Zio heart monitor was delivered Thursday so hopefully in two weeks we will have some results of where Raygen's heart rhythm stands and how often she is having PVC's.