Friday, August 26, 2016

Zio Patch

Yesterday we took Raygen to Seattle Children's and she had her Zio Heart Monitor placed.  It could either be placed on her chest or her back and we opt'd for her back since it would be harder to access.  This is such an amazing little machine.  It started to monitor Raygen's heart rhythm as soon as it was placed.  The process of placing the machine was not pleasant, but I think it was worth it.  This is so much nicer then a bunch of leads and a big heavy box for her to pack around.  They first had to clean her skin with alcohol and then they took a small piece of sand paper to rough up her skin and then they placed the monitor and lots of lots of tape to hold it down.  
The monitor can stay on up to 14 days and if it doesn't fall off on it own then I can take it off.  Raygen has really sensitive skin so if I see any breakdown or redness the monitor will have to come off sooner.  She can not take baths or soak in any water till the monitor is off so it will be sponge baths for awhile.  The longer the monitor stays on the more data we have.  
It will be two weeks after the monitor comes off before we have any results so this isn't a quick test, but necessary.