Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer Time Fun!!

Raygen and her BFF Gabby had fun playing in the pool yesterday.  That was till Raygen decided she needed to go splash crazy.  Gabby wasn't a fan of being splashed and I don't blame her.  This is a big deal for these two.  Sitting this close to each other even for a short time is a huge accomplishment. 
Raygen worked on her bubble skills by dipping the stick and air waving it.  It worked though.  She made bubbles that way :) and I didn't have to blow them so it was a win win. 

Gabby liked the duck.  She even started to love the pool and hot tub by the time we were done.  Were going to do this a lot this summer I think.  It's good for the girls and it's good for us special needs moms to get together and chat about our crazy lives. 

Happy 4th!!!