Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sunny Days are here!

Raygen's newest talent is amazing.  She can now line out her alphabet forward and backwards without any help.  She is so smart.  There is so much she knows, but since she doesn't speak it's hard to understand HOW much she knows.  Raygen has made huge leaps and bounds the last few months.  She is communicating with us with sign and pointing better then she ever has before.  She is tasting lots of new food and she is such a good listener, when she wants to be ;)
The sun finally came out this weekend in Washington.  The weather Sunday was beautiful for a birthday party.  This was the first time Raygen has ever had the chance to play with a sprinkler.  At first she wasn't too sure about it, but by the end of the party she was soaking wet and loving every minute of it.  I could watch her all day doing this.

Monday was another hot day so Raygen had some pool and bubble time at Grandma's.  She sat in this pool for over an hour and even then didn't really want to get out.  I think tomorrow is suppose to be another sunny day here so she may get a chance to have some more pool time.

Raygen is doing awesome this summer.  Her cardiologist appointment was moved back to August.  This will be the longest stretch we have ever went between visits and I can't help, but be uneasy.  Even though Raygen is doing awesome and looks wonderful I still worry about all the things I can not see.  I just love this kid so much.  She truly feels me full of joy every day and as her mom it's my job to worry, right?  But that worry will not make me miss the joy of the here and now with her. 

This weekend fingers are crossed for a sunny fourth.  Our plan.....Staying Home!  I know not too exciting, but staying home doesn't happen often enough for us so I'm really excited to spend the day enjoying my husband and amazing girls.

More vacation pictures soon.