Monday, August 17, 2015

MLH Picnic 2015

The day started off so wonderful. The weather was perfect and I easily found my way to the park.
We were so excited that Aiden and his family were there.  Aiden really liked Zoie.  We brought some bubbles with us so that really drew in the kids.
Raygen enjoyed the swing, but she wasn't in the best mood.  Right before we decided to head to the play ground and spray park Raygen fell face first into a picnic table.  My poor baby.  My heart just dropped.
She didn't really want to do much after her fall.  She is now sporting two little black eyes and a nice bruise across her nose.  I know it's normal for kids to fall down, but I feel so guilty.  I just turned to grab a t-shirt and she tripped over her feet and down she went.  I know she must have had a horrible headache for the rest of the day.
These were the only pictures of Aiden and Raygen we were able to snap while they were close together.  After swinging for about 5 minutes Raygen was done.  I know she was in pain.  She just wanted me to hold her or push her in the stroller.  I felt so bad because I know she would have really enjoyed the spray park and the toys if she hadn't fell down.

Me and my girl heading to the car.  Next year I'll make it up to her.  I'll just pack her the whole time so she doesn't have a chance to fall :0)  I doubt she'd let me though.  If anything, Raygen is very independent and very stubborn when she has her mind set on something.  I wonder who she gets that from????Maybe her Mama :0)