Saturday, August 15, 2015


The cutest thing happened this week.  Raygen's little cousin, Layton, now spends a few hours a week with us at the office.  His mommy, Lexi, helps me at the office.  Layton was fascinated watching Raygen play and decided he would play with tape like Raygen.  He asked me to take his socks off, because Raygen wasn't wearing any, and then proceeded to tape his toes together.  Why? Well cause Raygen was putting tape on her toes, lol!!! 
Raygen's favorite toy of the week was 4 plastic spoons rubber band together and then spilt so the handles of the spoons could go in the arms of a Barbie dress????  I know.  I have to say, my girl is very creative. :0) 
I just love this picture.  It looks like she a little artist.  She does like to color, but she would rather count the crayons then color.  As she is getting older I think she will enjoy the coloring more. 
After a brief tummy bug Raygen and I seem to be feeling better.  Raygen is still getting sick once at night, which I'm not sure why?  She seems in good spirits and tolerates her feeds all day till around her 7pm one.  That one she has been vomiting all week.  I will try to space her feed out more so the 7pm isn't a large feed, but I already struggle to get her volume for the day in.  Hopefully this will just get better as the evil bug rids itself. 
We have big plans tomorrow.  Heading to Tacoma for the 2015 Annual Mended Little Hearts Picnic.  Can not wait to see our heart friends and families.  Especially all our little heart warriors.  They are so amazing and to see them all happy and having fun does wonders for the spirit.