Monday, April 20, 2015

Ear Checkup

Raygen playing with her lite-brite wall this morning waiting for her check-up.
Lining all her sticks in a row.

Doctor Polley said Raygen's ear looked great.  She said the ear drum was healing well and two more days on the ear drops and Raygen should be good to go.  The tube is out of the right ear, but she still has a tube in the left.  I really hope she is big enough not to need another set, but I guess only time will tell.
Raygen finished her day spending some time with her sister, Zoie.  It was so sweet to see Raygen want to sit on her lap and play the game with her.  Raygen hardly ever wants anything to do with her sister, no matter how nice Zoie is to her, but today she was happy to let Zoie help her play.  These moments are what I love the most.  My two girls together, happy, and healthy.

I am very blessed.