Friday, April 17, 2015

Ear Trouble..

Raygen had been up all last night.  Around 1am I gave her some Tylenol and kinda thought her ears were bothering her.  I checked them with a light and didn't see any drainage.  Since Raygen has ear tubes when her ears are infected you can tell because they are able to drain.
Then this morning she was fussing in the bedroom and Randy noticed she had blood on her hands.  When I went to pull her hair back I noticed her bloody ear.  We panicked.  We rushed her into her local doctor.

Through all this though, she was her normal happy self.  Occasionally digging in her bloody ear.
Mom and Dad were the ones that were worst for wear on this visit.   Nothing freaks you out more then bleeding from the ear when your child is on blood thinning medicine.
The thought is: that her ear tube came out and tore the bottom half of her ear drum.  That is where the blood is coming from.  Dr. Polly prescribed Raygen with some drops that have a steroid that will help with inflammation and the bleeding.  I will give her the drops two times a day over the weekend and take her back first thing Monday morning for another check up.  If the bleeding starts again then we will probably head North to Seattle.  
Even though she had to be in pain Raygen was such a sweet girl today.  She truly is amazing.