Monday, April 27, 2015

Playing at Grandma's...

I've been feeling a little under the weather so my wonderful Mother has been helping me with the girls.  You can tell Raygen doesn't mind :) 
Raygen enjoy's her Gator rides, but... 
she also enjoys a wagon ride.  Her favorite is the four wheeler. 
I just love all her faces.  Today she climbed up in the recliner all by herself.  Mom and I were so excited!  We were cheering her on and clapping and her reactions was.. 
this sweet face.  She had no idea why we were cheering, lol!

I think it's so crazy that she has no idea how wonderful she is.  She amazes me everyday.  It seems like only yesterday I was wondering when she would walk, if ever.  Now there is nothing that slows this girl down.  She is climbing up on chairs, up stairs, taking our hand to what she wants, and she even understands when we tell her to go give Papa a kiss goodbye.  She kisses Papa then heads to the door.  I have to get that on video.  It's priceless.