Monday, December 8, 2014

GI and a Mended Heart Tree!!

Raygen at her GI doc appointment today.
She was such a happy girl today.
She did awesome during her tube change.  It wasn't scary at all.
The Mended Little Hearts Tree in Tacoma!!!
Raygen loved to look at it.  She loved all the lights and I thought it was beautiful.

That is Raygen in the bottom right corner.  That is after her chest closure after the Norwood.  I can't beleive how far she has come.
I thought the tube change today was going to be so scary, but it went so smooth.  I am so thankful because I had to go by myself and it was nice how well the day turned out and now Raygen has a new tube.  Were good for 3 months now.  She also gained weight so that's always a plus.
Tomorrow we will be all day at Seattle Children's for Raygen's Nero appointments.

Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for this sweet girl.