Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nero Checkup:

First of all I have to say Raygen did AWESOME!!  She was such a happy girl yesterday.  The only time she cried was when they took her height and weight.  Other then that Raygen did great.  She is 30lbs now and 36 inches long.  She is getting so big.  I was so impressed that Raygen interacted so much with the doctors she saw.  Even giving smiles and she was very happy to wave "bye bye!"  
So basically the outcome was: Yes she can benefit from therapies.  This is a given.  I am not ready to jump into therapies yet, but am checking around at our options.  The therapist stated we should start with one being either physical, oral, or speech and focus on that.  Randy and I are thinking we would like to start our focus on oral since Raygen is showing interest in eating.  We can then move onto other therapies later.  I was thinking about getting her in a preschool environment later on to see if that would help her interact with other children and get her out of her shell.
Also they did see signs of autism.  The doctor said she thought 99% Raygen was autistic.  A few of the signs were: not speaking, not acknowledging when spoken to and some of her play tendencies.  Although she saw signs of autism I think it is a little early to tell.  I am not going to stress about this information, but just give Raygen time to see how she does.  She has come so far lately and with all she has been through time is all she needs.
Tomorrow is our last doctor appointment this month.  Thank goodness it has been a busy, stressful week.