Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cardio Update...

Raygen playing in the waiting room prior to her EKG.

Her cardiologist appointment overall went pretty smoothly.  She cried during the x-ray and ekg, but we were able to get both done so it wasn't too bad.  She also had to have her finger poked to check her i.n.r. level, which was in a good range so no changes with her warafrin (blood thinner.)  Her x-ray looked so good they decided we could finally start to wean some of her diuretics, which is great news because being on such high doses for a long period of time could start to damage her kidneys.  We are weaning very slow and if I notice any changes in her breathing or congestion then we will go back for another chest x-ray.  Raygen was still having pvc's during her ekg so next check up in January she will go home wearing a monitor for 24 hours.  This will help us determine how often Raygen is having them and if we need to talk about a pace maker.
Next week will be so busy.  GI in Tacoma, a nero appointment in Seattle and a wellness check in Centralia.  Lots of traveling and probably a very stressful week for all of us.
I am a little concerned with Raygen's pvs on her ekg because I really do not want my 3 year-old to have a pace maker.  Makes me a little nervous.  I am so thankful that overall she is doing so well.  She walks more then she scoots now and she is such a blessing to have.