Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Preparing for Cold Season...

Raygen's oil diffuser
So as the weather has changed for us and the rain has now began.  Fall is here in Washington.  So I have started to prepare for the dreaded "cold and flu" season.  I hope by preparing us a little we can avoid, as much as possible, getting sick.  Last week Raygen received her flu shot and Zoie will get hers on Tuesday.  Dr. Polly is also going to see if Raygen can receive Synagise again this year since normally they only receive the RSV vaccine till they are two.

In preparation for the winter season I have started to disfuse oil in our room for Raygen.  I use the doterra oil's.  I do a mix of 2 oils the "Breathe" and "Purify" and if I feel like she is more congested or if someone in our house is feeling sick I use the "On Guard."  I really think it helps. 
I also have started giving Raygen a multi-vitamin to help also.  Can't hurt, right? 

I found this all natural chest rub at Wal-Mart and I use this every night and some mornings on Raygen.  I rub it on her chest (especially if she sounds congested) and the bottom of her feet at night.  Some mornings I will apply it to her chest again.  I love that it has lavender in it.  Works great.  I have also started monitoring Raygen's pulse-ox every night and listening to her lungs to make sure they stay clear.  A big sign of needing her 3rd surgery or her stent ballooned is her 02 so I want to make sure I keep a close eye on it.
My girl playing this morning before we headed off to work. 
How does everyone else get ready for the winter?  I just hope I'm doing enough.  With Raygen's Fontan next summer I want to keep her especially healthy this winter.  Fingers crossed it will work.
I am also looking into taking Reiki classes.  I have heard from other "heart" moms that Reiki is really important after the Fontan and it helps with recovery.  I hope to do as much as possible to prepare my girl and myself for her big surgery.  If I start now hopefully I can learn as much as I can because summer will be here way too fast for us, that's for sure.