Friday, September 27, 2013

Wellness Check

This week started off a little rough.  Raygen has been fighting a little cold since Monday.  She seems to be doing better today.  Just a little runny nose and cough left. 
Yesterday Raygen had her wellness check and two shots.  She wore herself out.  She fell asleep when we got home in the hallway and we left her there.  The phone woke her up shortly after and she was a little monster the rest of night, lol!  We called her crabby patty all night. 
Was 24lbs 9oz (8%)
Length 33 7/4" (8%)
Here is my girl sleeping peacefully this morning. 
She loves to sleep with her behind in the air, lol 

Taking big sister to school this morning.  She loves playing and looking at books.  She gets that from me. 

Here are our therapist from the NDT program we did in Kent.  Dani, Raygen and Myself, and Jamie.  We had such a good time working with these girls.  We miss them. 
Dr. Park called us Wednesday night and stated that he spoke with Children's and they agreed since Raygen is doing so well and is stable to hold off on any cath's or lung scans till spring.  That way the cath will be officially her "pre fontan" cath.  So I guess I better start preparing myself that next summer Raygen will have her 3rd major open heart surgery.  Man, that just takes my breathe away thinking about it.  This is good news though.  We get the holiday season to enjoy our girl and not stress.  We will see Dr. Park again in January and then we will schedule the cath after that appointment.  I hate living in "limbo" knowing she has to have the surgery to survive, but I love the fact that we can enjoy our happy girl for four more months before anything major needs to happen.
The Heart Walk is next Saturday at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma if you would like to join my team or make a donation please do so.  I want to thank everyone so far for all their support.  We need to find better treatment and cures for our CHD heroes.
Remember you can always check Raygen's facebook page as well for updates.