Thursday, October 31, 2013

GI Doc Check Up

 Yesterday Raygen had her GI check-up.
She did so good.  She didn't cry at all and she usually does.  Lets just say I was one proud Mama. 

We listened to music and blew bubbles.  She was a lot of fun.  She is dancing in this pic. :0) 
So usually we are always worried about Raygen's weight and today it was PERFECT!!!! So the best news was NO CHANGES!!! and go back again in January.  Barb, the dietician, gave me some great resources for using the blended diet so I may be trying to make more of Raygen's food rather then making her diet with baby food.  So I'm a little excited.  I am busy researching it.  If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it. :0)
Raygen weighed in at 25lbs 8.6 oz
She as 2' 9.27" long
She is low on the growth charts, but not extreme.  I just have a small girl.