Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

Can you guess who Zoie was this year? 
 Does the name on the hat give you any ideas?
Yep, that's right... She is... Si.  From Duck Dynasty. 
 I was so creative with Raygen this year.  I found Zoie's old Jo Jo Circus sweatshirt with her name on it and Raygn was then Zoie for Halloween.
Raygen isn't into costumes so I didn't go overboard for her this year.  She was happier just being comfy.  Maybe when she starts to want to dress up she can do Halloween again. 
She wasn't too sure what to think of Zoie. 
I love this picture.  Raygen is saying "Who the heck are you?" 
and she is outta here....
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.  We had a great one.  Just a few stops and we called it a night, but it was fun. 
Now we are off to the Great Wolf to celebrate Zoie's 10th Birthday!!!  I can not believe my girl is 10.  How time just flies by.