Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Raygen's 1st pair of shoes & Happy Mother's Day!!

So Mother's Day was great.  It turned out to be nice outside even after all the weather reports thought a huge rain storm.  We decided to take Zoie to the batting cages and I think she had a good time.
Even my husband enjoyed himself.
I don't think Raygen cared either way.  She was just happy to  be outside.

Zoie was really getting the hang of it at the end.  I think we may be making a few more trips to the batting cages for practice.  It was a lot of fun.
After PT last week, Billy (our new PT) decided I needed to start introducing Raygen to shoes so after the batting cages we hit Target and Kohls and found some good starter shoes.  This is the first time this girl has ever won shoes, crazy, huh?  She is two, lol!  We started with infant shoes, lol!  She is wearing 6 to 9months.  I have been putting them on her a few times a day and she seems to be adjusting.  She hates having anything on her feet since she does so much with them.  I know this is the first step toward putting braces on her feet, so I think we will have a very upset girl, but so far she seems to tolerate them okay.  We also had to buy bracelets to get her used to having something on her right arm.  Billy also wants to put a brace on her right hand to keep it open and not fisted all the time.  We go again to PT tomorrow so I wonder what Billy will think of our progress? 
Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!  We ended Sunday with a nice dinner at my parents with my sister and her family.  My mom's dogs did find a porcupine so my mom ended her night at the vet's office, but overall it was a great day!