Friday, May 10, 2013

Spreading CHD Awareness Projects

So I know this picture isn't the best, I will have to get another one.  But we got these great bracelets made to spread awareness.  They say "Spreading CHD awareness 1 little heart at a time." with Raygen's sweet picture on them.  We also have another one made that says "Supporting our 1 in 100."  I found them online at bandabout.  I love them.  I love how great they look in person and how you can clearly see a face to support CHD.  All the money raised is going into making our next project.  The Medical information car seat badges.  If you would like to purchase a bracelet or help us sell them please email me at 
 This is just a sample of what were making.  We are making Medical Information bands that will velcro around your seat belt or the seat belt of your child in their car seat.  In case of an emergency and were not able to let the medical staff know about our child's CHD these bands have a medical safety sheet inside and we are able to write down all their medical info so hopefully they can be treated properly.  My mom, grandma, and myself are starting them but I have a feeling a lot more will be helping us soon.  I would love to donate some to NW Children's Heart Care, Seattle Childrens, and our local pediatricians office and Mended Little Hearts of course.  My goal is 100 at first and I hope to go up from there.  We will donate a medical safety band and a Raygen bracelet.  Hopefully this will help spread CHD awareness and safe a child or an adult.  We are going to make many different bands with extra fabric so we can make them for a girl or boy.  Let me know your thoughts???  Please if you would like one, email me.  I would be soooo happy to mail you one.
And lastly we are working with a wonderful man at our local Discovery Children's Museum, Allyn Roe, and he is creating a light brite wall for the kids in honor of Raygen.  Here are some pictures.  Man, I need to take better pictures!
So the light bright is in the middle and then there will be heart shaped cubbies on both sides to hold the light sticks.  It will be named after Raygen and have a photo collage and her story next to it. 
I had to share pictures of my sweet girl who inspires so many people to do so many things, including myself. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!