Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Every Christmas Eve I always get the girls new Christmas pj's.  It's a tradition in our family and this year Zoie got matching pj's with her American Girl Doll. 
She is getting so big.  I just love her so much.  She was so excited this year for Christmas and it was so fun to get to experience it with her. 
Christmas Eve we spend with Randy's family at their house. 
We had a great time! 

Raygen like the paper more then the presents.  But I think kids all do at this age. 
Here we are ready for bed with our new pj's on. 
Our little Charlie Brown tree.  You can't see it here but I loved it.  It was the perfect size and Raygen didn't bother it at all.  She would just roll on past it.   
Her pj's speak the truth "Mommy's favorite Gift!"   I tried to find some in Zoie's size, but I couldn't, lol!  I think even if I did she wouldn't wear them at her age.  I was safer going with the American Girl Doll pj's for her. 
We had a great Christmas Eve.  I think we were up till about midnight before everyone got to go to sleep and we were up by 6am full of excitement.  Crazy how your not that tired on Christmas Day even if you didn't really get any sleep.