Friday, November 30, 2012

Are you wearing PINK???

Raygen loves to be held upside down, lol!  I have no idea why, but you have to love the smiles. 

Waiting for Zoie to get out from school.  We were watching Elmo's World Happy Holidays.  She loves it and it helps get us in the Christmas spirit. 

Gotta love this girl! 
Wearing Pink today for National Pulse Ox Awareness Day!!!  Lets save some babies by spreading the word.
We have a pretty busy weekend and I just keep getting so nervous about next Thursday.  I guess it's a good thing I will be so busy.  I'm excited to go Christmas shopping on Sunday with my mom and sister hopefully that will help me get in the Christmas spirit.  Last year we were at Children's for Christmas.  Raygen was recovering from her Glenn and stent placement.  I am so thankful for being home this year and hopefully we will get a tree soon.  Last year didn't even feel like Christmas and I'd like to make this year feel special.  I just can't do anything till after next week.  I can't get into the mood, or decorate or even think about getting a tree.  My mind is completely on Thursday.  I just want this trip to be easy on my girl, but nothing is ever easy for her.  I want to be cheerful, but it's hard to do when I know my daughter is going to be poked and tubes placed, and stent checked next week.  So much relies on these test and I hope after the tubes my daughter will finally feel better, hear better, and stop pulling out all her hair.
Thank you for all your support and prayers.  We truly are blessed to have so many people that care for our family and our children.