Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Developmental Pediatrician

Raygen getting ready to head for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Playing with her dream lite. 
Raygen's first Thanksgiving at home.  It was wonderful. 
Zoie is such a good sister.  She is always playing and showing Raygen attention. 
I love how Raygen looks at her.  Such love. 

 Playing with Aunt Traci and Grandma.

Getting some love from Grandpa.
Yesterday we took Raygen to the Developmental Pediatrician for an evaluation.  It was a very interesting appointment.  Dr Tripp, was so nice and I really think he will be a big help later on in Raygen's life.  He thinks right now she is about 8 months old development wise.  I agree.  I do think she is doing more and more each day, so even though she is behind she is still moving forward.  He agrees that we need to have a Neurological check-up before he completes his full evaluation but he was impressed with how well Raygen was doing after all she has been through.  We do have a appointment for a Neurological evaluation on January 10th.  We are going to Seattle Childrens and seeing a stroke specialist.  It's so nerve wracking to think my daughter may have had a stroke somewhere along her journey.  I know her right side weakness has a reason but I really hope it isn't because she has blood clots in her brain or that she had a stroke.  This really is nerve wracking.  Yesterday we also took Raygen back to her Pediatrician and her ears are on their way to becoming infected again so they started her on another antibiotic.  I was really hoping with all my heart we would go there and they would look perfect and we skip right over the tube surgery, but I know that's wishful thinking.  Just like wishing she had a whole heart. 
Next week is her lung test and her ear tube surgery on December 6th.  Please, Please, say a prayer for my girl.  She needs to get an iv without any issues or trauma and everything I hope goes smoothly.  I hope her stent in her heart is okay and I pray that the tube placement is as easy as everyone tells me it is.  The scariest part is can the hospital actually do two procedures in one day????  I guess there is a first time for everything, right?
I hope everyone had a good Turkey day.  I know we did!
Remember to wear Pink on November 39th.