Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The plan for Thursday....

So Children's called today with the time of surgery.  Raygen will be allowed to have formula till 2:30am Thursday morning then nothing, but clear pedialight till 6:30am, nothing after 6:30am.  We have to check into Seattle Children's at 9:15 with her ear tube surgery set to go first then her lung perfusion scan.  That is what they told me, but we will see once we get there how it really goes.  They say the ear tube surgery only takes about 10 minutes, but the ENT doctor also wanted to scope her airway so I'm sure the procedure will be longer.  The lung scan they said takes about 20mintues to get all the pictures they need.  The hardest part will be getting an iv.  I made sure that this time Raygen will be given some gas and sedated a little before they try for an iv.  It is a relief, but at the same time scary because once your child needs gas or sedation they don't let parents stay in the room.  I'm just sick to my stomach, I've had a constant headache that won't go away and I'm trying not to bite everyone's heads off, but as all this gets closer I just get scared.  I just pray that Raygen will be okay through all this.  Please pray they get an iv easily, that her airway is not damaged during the scope or ventilation, that her ear tube placement goes well, and that her stent in her heart looks good.  So many emotions runs through me before big procedures and with Christmas fast approaching I just want us all to be home, healthy, and happy together.  All of us.
Thank you in advance for your prayers.  We truly feel them and are so blessed to have so many wonderful people caring for our family.  I will do my best to post an update as soon as I can after surgery.
Zoie has a half day tomorrow at school so we plan to spend the afternoon together preparing for the hospital and getting Zoie ready to stay with my parents.  I really really really pray were home by Friday.