Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Raygen's Games-Part 1!

So Monday Raygen finally got her 1 year shots :(  Three to be exact.  It was horrible.  But Grandma Lori bought her a Chicka from Sprout.  It's Raygen's all time favorite tv channel.  Raygen did not like her at all, lol!  She likes Chicka on tv but not a stuffed squeaky toy next to her. 
She didn't mind her as a foot rest though, lol  I'm not sure what her length was but I know this girl is about 25lbs :0) 
This is what Raygen loves to do at the office.  I have had to block the tv more because all she wants to do is roll over to it (which is awesome!) but then she has to pull it down on herself, lol!
Don't worry it doesn't weigh much I promise and plus Raygen laughs the whole time. 

Here is what she loves to do with her teethers, lol!  Too cute not to share.

I had to make this a part 1 because there are so many other things this girl is starting to love doing and I can't wait to caught them all on video to share with you.
I have started the transition with Raygen's formula this week.  So far so good.  I know she can't be on a infant formula her whole life but change for me is scary.  I think she is doing pretty good with it so far.  I'm mixing formula with the new toddler drink which reminds me of a pedialight, kinda.  It's vanilla flavored and smells like slim fast, lol, but what does Raygen care about taste, right?
She is still eating pretty good.  We have to have a Popsicle to get her to eat but I would say she is up to about 1 jar a night.  So exciting.  She is off the pump from 1:30pm to 8:00pm which is so nice.  I am trying "taste" time a few time through out the day at the office but our best time is around 6pm at home.  I really think "routine" is important.  So I'm trying really hard to find one that works and stick to it.