Thursday, August 2, 2012

Foot or Chew Toy?

Taste time at the office. 
I just love this bib.  Zoie bought it for Raygen for her 1st birthday.  Such a sweet big sister. 
Raygen's new favorite toy.  
Her socks and toes, lol! 
So cute, had to share.  She is pretty flexible.  Raygen is moving around like crazy.  Most babies crawl everywhere, well Raygen rolls EVERYWHERE.  You have to watch her supper close especially when she is hooked up for feedings.  She is off the pump now from 2 to 8 so she gets lots of free time to roll and play.  She is so funny.  I can't believe where she goes while rolling.  She almost made it to our kitchen the other day, lol!  Raygen laughs the whole time.  Its so exciting to watch her find "her" way of doing things.  I'm so proud of her.  Tasting is going good as well.  She almost ate her first full jar of green beans last night and washed it down with a Popsicle.  She is doing something new everyday and everyday I wake up excited to see what she will do next. 
Our sweet Zoie is going to need a spacer for her upper jaw to widen it and then a few braces on her top teeth.  This process starts in two weeks and it's gonna be a long one.  I know at times it may be painful as well and my heart aches for Zoie.  She is so nervous, but I want her to have beautiful teeth and a keep this wonderful smile.  The whole process should take about a year and then we wait till her permanent teeth come in and then probably a full set of braces.  Poor girl.  All she can think about is what colors she is going to pick for her braces, lol and all I'm thinking is how much work and fighting there is going to be about taking care of them, lol!
I promise to post a video of Raygen eating soon.  Promise.