Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Four Wheelin with Papa!!!

After I let go of my "fear" of Raygen on the 4-wheeler I thought this was a pretty special moment. 
Raygen really enjoyed it.  She just looked around and took everything in. 

The cutest part was she fell asleep riding around with my dad and she was holding his hand.  I'm so sad that I didn't get that picture, but I'm sure we will be doing lots of 4 wheeler rides now. 

Raygen practicing sitting up with her Bumbo.  This doesn't work for too long because she likes to lay down on it, lol! 
Zoie at Papa's trying to catch the bunny in the background.  I think she wants a friend for Alvin, but I say "No Way!" at least for now, lol! 
Raygen at taste time.
Raygen is really starting to "taste" and I have an awesome little video to post to show you how well she is doing, but I forgot to bring my connector to the computer for my phone so hopefully tomorrow.  It just makes me so happy to see how she is starting to eat little by little.  I know this is a very long road and we will probably have days where Raygen doesn't want to eat, but wait till you see the video you will know how far she has come in just the last week. 
So exciting!!!
Zoie has a orthodontist appointment today.  I hope she doesn't need braces.  She thinks she wants them of course, but I have a feeling that would be a long journey also, lol!