Thursday, August 23, 2012

17 Months goes so fast...

Raygen I can't believe you are 17months already.  How the time goes by way too quickly.  Lately you have discovered that you love your feeding tube for more then just feeding you.  Its a great chew toy. 
I don't know what you will think if you actually poke a hole in your tube and get some milk in your mouth? 
 I have to watch you so closely now.  Your a mover and love to roll EVERYWHERE!  and your new favorite chew toy, scares me so I now to be on tube control, lol!  It seems like every five minutes I'm having to trade you a toy for your tube :0)
 Your personality shines.  You are very spoiled, but hey with your face who could ever say "no?"  You know what you like and you let us know what you don't.
You still love everything Toy Story and Sesame Street.  Raygen you have just started "giving kisses" only to Mom of course, but I love them.  You love to snuggle and kiss around bed time and you laugh afterward.  I know you and I share such a strong bond and I am so thankful for it.
Lately you have began to love sitting up.  You get especially upset if you want to sit up and we are not there right away to help you. 
You cry when you fall down, but laugh as soon as we sit you up again. 
We don't go too far when your sitting up because you have decided throwing yourself backwards is a funny game to play.  You are a wonderful little girl Raygen.  You bring so much joy and happiness in our life.  
One tired girl on our way home from work. 
Happy 17th Month Birthday to our little Monkey!!