Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Go Mariners!

So my cousin had her bridal shower on Sunday at the Great Wolf Lodge.  I can not believe my little cousin is getting married, I feel soooo old right now.  I used to babysit her and change her diapers (sorry Josee!)  I am so happy for her.  How many people get to marry their middle school and high school sweetheart?
Zoie decided she wanted her and Raygen to match for the shower. 
So I know the normal thing to do would be to find the cutest dresses and bows, but my girls are more the T-shirt and jeans type and so is their mom. 
What better way to match then to show our love for the Mariners!  I just love these girls and I love to see them match.  It just melts me. 
They were both excited to get out of the house. 

Zoie was disappointed of course that she couldn't do the water park this time, but I promised to take her back soon so she could.  A ice cream cone on the way home made up for it. 
Raygen did her normal fall asleep tactic when she gets stressed out and slept all through the shower, lol!  Raygen can put herself to sleep so fast when she is nervous or stressed it is so cute and just melts me.  So today we head back to the orthodontist for Zoie for step 2.  Please say a little prayer for her she is so nervous and so am I.  I just hope it goes smoothly.