Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sand in the city!

So Zoie starts school next week so we thought we would have one last family day on Sunday and took the girls to sand in the city in Olympia.  All the money goes to the Hands on Children Museum and we got to see the awesome new building and a sneak peak of what it will look like when it opens in November.  It is so cool.  I'm so excited to take Zoie there.  Not sure if I will take Raygen.  Way toooooo many germs I think for her. 
They day went pretty good.  It was down by the water so it did get a little chilly.  We even walked around the farmers market and purchased some fruit to snack on on the way home. 
Raygen has a new favorite toy.  Her keys, lol!  The last few days she has had a firm grip on these keys.  They don't leave her sight.  She has even decided she has to sleep with them. 
She woke up in the middle of the night and started to cry and I gave her back the keys and she smiled and went right back to sleep, lol!! 
She is so funny.  I didn't think it was possible to love these girls more then I do, but everyday they both fill me with such joy and love.   

Zoie was able to do a few crafts.  Zoie loves crafts.   
Raygen and I just stood back and watched.  I have started to wear a necklace when we go places.  It works really well.  It gives Raygen something to play with and keeps her entertained for a long time.  She is such an easy kid to please. 

Here is one of the sand castles.  There were so many cool ones this year.  It's amazing what people can build with sand.  I had to have Zoie take a picture in front of snoopy.  This one is for you Aunt Traci!!! 

Zoie enjoying the last few days of summer.
Please say a prayer for Zoie today.  She is going to have her spacer placed today and I know it will be a little uncomfortable and painful for her.  I'm a little nervous myself for her.  I will post a update tomorrow.
Hope you are all enjoying the last week of summer.