Friday, July 20, 2012

OT and Lake Fair

Now Raygen is really working hard at therapy, lol!!

Being a good listener.

"I like this bowel with nothing in it."

"I will chew on the bowel.  Is this okay?"

Big sister at therapy.

Were at Lake Fair.


"Can we find some shade?"

OT therapy was quick and painless.  Raygen doesn't usually like to participate but she was actually in a really good mood and played all during therapy.  This was a good thing.  The therapist finally got see her mouth motor skills and she her sit up and just be her normal silly self.  Usually Raygen cries during therapy.
Lake Fair was fun, but sooooo hot.  I think almost too hot to really enjoy ourselves.  I'm glad we went although my camera died and so did my phone so I didn't get any pictures of Zoie on rides or Raygen people watching :(. 
Tomorrow is the Mended Little Hearts picnic.  So excited to see all our heart friends and make some new ones.  I also think this will be a really good experience for Zoie to meet some other kids that are in her position and who will understand how all of this makes her feel.  I really hope we have some sun because today is all rain and thunderstorms.