Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dream Lites

Raygen playing with her new dream lite.

I think it was worth the money.  It works really well and Raygen loves it.

Most the time it shines on the wall but last night she wanted to give it the stare down, lol!

It's the cutest giraffe and supper soft.  We also got Zoie the rainbow unicorn and she loves her as well.

Raygen after having some "taste time." 

Last night I tried squash and ranch dressing.  I don't think she minded either one too much but it's really hard to get it in her mouth.

Still playing with my ears :(

Zoie and Buster getting ready to swin.
 So Raygen has an OT appointment this Thursday in Tacoma and I'm really looking forward to it.  I think she is improving so fast with the whole "taste time."  I know we still have a very long road ahead of us but right now I feel like the train is moving in the right direction.  We are also going to take Zoie with us and stop at Lake Fair in Olympia on our way home.  Make a family day of it.  I love family days and any day that I get to take off of work is a good day to me :)  This weekend is also the Mended Little Hearts picnic and I'm so excited.  It's our first year to attend, but we already know a couple families going and it's so nice to be around a group of people that know what you have been through.  It's also nice to see other children with HLHS, they always give me so much hope.