Monday, July 23, 2012

MLH Picnic 2012

Saturday was the Mended Little Hearts Picnic and it was so much fun. 
It was at a beautiful park and even though it rained on our way to Tacoma it turned out to be an awesome sunny day! 
Raygen decided it was nap time as we walked around.  The park had a wonderful loop trail that went all around the park.  It was almost a mile long and Raygen and I walked it 5 times, lol!  She just loves being in her stroller and it was so nice to walk around and look at the lake. 
Zoie had a good time as well. 
She loved playing on the toys more so than walking the trail, but it was hot so who could blame her?

The cute bridge we walked over.

Our heart family.  I was so excited to see Elsa and Aiden.  Aiden is doing so well.  Walking, talking, eating.  It is so weird to see all that he does and know that Raygen should be there.  I know it will just take time for her to catch up but he just seems way older than Raygen.  Raygen seems like a baby still to me and not a walking, talking, toddler that kids are usually when they are 16 months.  
Raygen amazes me everyday though.  She is rolling over like crazy getting up on her knees and trying so hard to crawl.  She is sitting up on her own now for longer periods of time each day.  She can sit up for at least 5 minutes straight.  This is so exciting for me.  Raygen is sleeping through the night and going to bed pretty easy.  She is "tasting" more and everyday surprises me with something new.