Monday, July 2, 2012

Great Weekend!!

 Raygen relaxing before the big birthday party on Saturday.
 Raygen and Zoie are so cute together.  They look so much alike to me.
 Raygen is really starting to like sitting up FINALLY.  I think within the next couple weeks she will be doing it all by herself.
 Raygen decided to fall asleep right when we needed to leave to head to the party on Saturday  She is so cute in pig tails.  I forgot the camera in the car so I didn't take any pictures at the party but Raygen had a good time.
It turned out to be a pretty nice day on Sunday for the game and we had a wonderful time. 
Raygen and Zoie did so good. 
Raygen loved looking around and I think just being outside. 
Those teeth are so great! 
We were so lucky and got to sit next to our heart friend and Raygen's future husband Aiden.  He is doing wonderful.  I just love these guys, they are so much like family now. 
Zoie can't wait to go again.  I think we may have started a tradition.

Thanks again to Jamie's Heart Foundation.  We had a great day!

Raygen update:  We are going to take her to the doctor on Thursday hopefully to have her ears looked at again.  She still sounds a little congested and I noticed she is still grabbing at her ears and last night at her neck.  I am wondering if maybe it could be her tonsils or something?  Her oxygen and heart rate have still been good so I see no need to go anywhere but to Dr Polley.  So we will keep giving her the medicine we have till Thurday and then go from there.  I hope she feels back to her "normal" self soon.  I know part of her feels better because we got lots of laughs and smiles this weekend!