Friday, June 29, 2012

Yes. My ears are still infected.

So YES, Raygen still has ear infections.  We are on another round of antibiotics for 10 days.  If this doesn't clear up her infection then they will go to a medicine that is a shot that she has to get every other day for 3 days so I am praying that this medicine will clear it up. 
For the most part she seems to be in good spirits.  She is playing and chatting away but she still sounds very congested and has a tough time sleeping.  Of course congestion is always worse at night when your laying down and since she has outgrown her sleeping wedge she is actually sleeping flat now.  I think she likes that she is able to toss and turn at night.  The good part is that Raygen's heart rate is still good and her oxygen levels have still been in the high 80's which is fantastic so thank God for that.  If her oxygen was to drop below 75 we would be heading to Children's.  I might take her if it was to stay around 77 for too long as well.
I have been keeping up with the tyenol hoping that helps a little.  Otherwise we have just been doing our normal routine.  I do have to watch her a little more closely because the medicine she is on is strong and tends to wipe out everything so I am watching for diaper rash and keeping a close eye on her g-tube which is already a little red and irritated.  I'm hoping this medicine could clear that up as well. 
Our next step after the shots would be ENT.  I really don't want to put her through another procedure with getting tubes but I would love for her to feel better, off antibiotics.
Zoie is so sweet.  She has been such a good helper since she has been out of school. 
We are still going to do everything we planned this weekend.  Birthday party tomorrow and Sunday... 
the Tacoma Rainier's Game.  I know Raygen will enjoy herself.  Raygen's health and safety are always our number one priority so of course if we feel she is getting worse we will not go to either event but I guess we will just wait and see.
I hope to have some fun pictures to post this weekend!