Monday, June 18, 2012

Raygen loves the ZOO!!!

 So we had an AWESOME weekend.  We took Raygen to the Zoo for the 1st time and it was soo much fun.  The weather was wonderful what a great way to spend Father's Day weekend.
 Raygen did so good.  She loved being pushed in her stroller.  If we stopped for too long she would start to get upset but once we started moving again she was happy as can be.  She would just laugh and kick her feet it just melt my heart to see her having a good time.  I loved taking both my girls to the zoo.  This time last year we were still at Children's wondering if this day was ever going to happen.
 Zoie in the Eagle nest.
 Raygen letting the cow check out her foot, lol!!
 Nap time.  I loved how she fell asleep holding her tube.  She is so funny that way.  We did get lots of looks from people and lots of "What's sticking out of that baby?"  Hasn't anyone ever seen a feeding tube?  I didn't let it get to me though.  I just wish people would ask instead of stare.  Raygen has a pretty amazing story I'm sure people would be impressed with her.
 Daddy and Raygen. 
 Me and my girls!  My daughter Bryden is visiting from Texas this month so it was perfect to get all the girls together. 
 Zoie loves her elephant ears!
High five Dad! 
What a wonderful Saturday!  I wish every weekend could be this much fun!