Friday, June 15, 2012

Cardio Update!!

 Here is Miss Raygen getting ready for the blood draw.  We did the chest x-ray first which wasn't the easiest thing.  Someone needs to remind mom not to put shirts with snaps on when Raygen needs x-rays.  The x-ray tech wasn't the most gentle so she did get pretty upset.
Warming her arm was pointless.  They ended up drawing blood from her head.  It was the most horrible thing to watch.  The "trying" to find a spot to draw from was pretty traumatic.  It took two nurses and dad to hold her down to draw the blood.  I was a mess.  The lady did get it in one poke but Raygen was so exhausted afterward.  She took a hour long nap before our cardio appointment.  I'm glad we won't have to put her through another blood draw for awhile. 
Raygen getting ready for her echo.   
Zoie's last day of 2nd grade!!! 
Raygen happy again playing at home. 

Had to have our "Toy Story" fix afterward.

So we got "GREAT NEWS!"  Raygen is doing awesome!!  Her heart looked good, x-ray looked great, and he couldn't be happier with her echo and ekg.  Even her labs came back good.  So we don't have to go back for another 3 months :0)  I'm so happy.  Our next appointment Dr. Park said could even be a quick check up so no labs or xrays.  I am so relieved.  Dr. Park thought in 6 months we would need to do labs, xray and everything all over again and possibly the lung perfusion scan.  So that will be another very long day but I'm not going to stress about something that is 6 months or more away.
On another note Raygen is on another 10 days of antibiotic for her ears.  We saw Dr. Polley on Tuesday and they were looking better but still had fluid so were hoping this will clear them up.  If not I'm not sure where we go from here.
Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support.  They are so appreciated.