Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Addition...

 Our new addition is Zoie's rabbit, Alvin.  Welcome to our crazy family Alvin.  Zoie has already proved to be a wonderful little mother.  I'm so proud of her. 
 I love seeing the wonderful smile back!  Now of course she is smiling at Elmo but she is smiling all the same.
 She slept so much better last night.  I think the meds are finally helping plus I have been keeping up on ibuprofen and Tylenol so between all three I think my baby is starting to feel better.
The real test will be when she is off her antibiotic again.  That is how this story has been working lately.  Raygen acts like she is feeling better while on the meds and then once they are done her ear infection comes back and we are at square one.  I'm going to think positive this time though.  I already know I will be taking her to the doctor once she finishes the meds to get her ear's checked. 
A scary little thing happened in our school the other day.  We received a letter that someone from our school had a confirmed case of "whooping cough."  Now that is terrifying to a mother of a healthy child but I'm on double "freak out mode" around my house.  The rumor is that it was a high school student so I don't think Zoie was in contact with this person but still you know how things spread and I read that you could have whooping cough for 3 weeks before you know you have it.  I spoke with our doctor and both the girls have had the shots as have I and I have asked everyone who comes in contact with Raygen to have theirs as well.  The worst part is that Zoie's cough has come back so we are watching her very carefully.  Sometimes I just want to cry, life can get so stressful but in all honesty I wouldn't change it for anything.  I am a very lucky mom and I love a very loving God. 
Please pray for our heart friend, Addison this week.  She is going in for her Fontan. Whoo Hoo!! Her last surgery hopefully.  Her mother is very scared and and I know she could use the extra love and support.  Addison will be having her heart surgery in Denver. 
Thank you to everyone for all your prayers, positive thoughts, and support you have sent our way this month.  It was very much needed and appreciated