Thursday, June 7, 2012

GI Doc Update

 Here are pic's of our sweet girl playing at the office. 
 She is actually starting to like her jumper. 
 So serious Miss Raygen.
 Zoie at her ENT appointment this morning.  Gosh she is getting so big and so cute.  I love this girl.

Raygen in her princess crown that Zoie made her today.  So cute even though Raygen wasn't impressed.

So we went to the GI doc yesterday with Raygen and she is: 2 1/2 feet long and 24 1/2 lbs.  She is starting to roll over all the time now.  She is starting to be a mover so our main goal is to get to bolus feeds that way Raygen can have more time unhooked from her feeding pump throughout the day.  We also have to increase her water and we are going to start the process of switching her formula.  She is still on an infant formula so we are going to start the process to move her over to a toddler formula.  I'm a little nervous about this.  Randy and I also made a commitment to be better at giving Raygen the chance to taste and tonight I really think she liked ranch, but who doesn't right? 
I think Raygen is starting to feel better but she always does while she is on antibiotics the real test will be next week and I just pray her ear infections don't come back.  I really don't want her to have to get tubes.
Zoie went to the ENT doctor today for her blooding nose that she was having ALL the time but everything  checked out fine.  I also took Zoie to Dr. Polley for her cough.  It just won't go away.  I am so stressed.  I feel bad always making Zoie have to be in the bedroom when she is sick but it is so risky to get her close to Raygen.  I guess only time and prayer will take care of Zoie's cough, but I hope not too much time.  I just want both my girls to feel better.