Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Poor Baby..

So as many of you know Raygen has been fighting a cold ALL month long.  She has been pretty fussy, congested and just plain ole' not feeling good.  So we have been going to her pediatrician about every week.  Her first appointment her left ear was infected.  Raygen then spent 10 days on meds and on her follow up appointment her right ear was infected so another 10 days on meds.  Now I thought at the end of last week she was finally over this cold but Tuesday it started up again.  She has been supper fussy, cranky, puky and just didn't look like she felt good.  So today I took her back and now BOTH her ears are infected.  My poor little girl.  We are now trying a stronger antibiotic in hopes that it will clear up her ear infections and wipe out all her congestion.  But since it's such a strong antibiotic we have to watch for other things like diaper rash or other "girl" infections so I'm a little stressed.  I am tired.  I know my baby is tired.  I hope in a couple days she will feel better and we can all get a little more rest.  I sure do miss my happy smiley baby.  I just don't want "tubes" to be brought up.  Raygen has been through enough but I'm a little nervous having 4 ear infections in one month.