Friday, May 25, 2012

Pig tails and Doc update...

 Raygen's first pig tails!!!
 Doesn't she look cute?
 Snoozing before work this morning.  She needed an 8am nap today since she woke up at 4:30am.
 Ooh how I love seeing those pretty teeth!
 If you follow our blog you will know that Raygen is in love with Toy Story so when I saw this shirt at Old Navy I couldn't resist.  I know it's a boy shirt, but
she loves Buzz and Woody so she had to have the shirt.

So quick doc update...
Raygen is finally getting better I think.  She has been sleeping more and coughing less.  She still sounds "junky" but a big improvement from last week.  Dr. Polley said that Raygen still had fluid in her ears, but the puss was gone so she felt like the fluid would go away in time.  Dr Polley did say if her cold got worse again that most likely she would get another ear infection.  Raygen isn't out of the woods for ear infections till that fluid is gone and that will just take time.  Raygen's lungs sounded good and all her "junkiness" is all upper airway.  Dr Polley did still see some stuff going down the back of Raygen's throat.  So I guess it all comes down to "time."  If Raygen doesn't sound all better by the middle of next week then we will take her back or if she starts to get worse again we will take her back sooner.  For the one year shots that we are a little behind on we will wait till Raygen sounds normal again because if she spikes a fever we want to know why not guess that it could be her cold or the shots.
So I think things are moving in the right direction.  I know Raygen has been more active and giving us a lot more of those beautiful smiles.  So I hope in a few more days she will be 100% again.