Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Official I can roll over!

It's official Raygen can roll over!!!  She is rolling everywhere and scooting all over the place.  It's amazing how she can move around on her back to get somewhere, lol!  She still has no desire what so ever to sit up on her own but I know she could if she just tried.  I'm so proud of her.
I didn't end up taking her to the doctor earlier this week.  I called and they wanted to see her Friday.  So we are going tomorrow.  I do think she is over the worse part of this cold but if you listen she still sounds kinda congested.  Thank you all for all you prayers.  I'm so proud of our girl.  Rolling over and making it through a cold at home all in the same month!!!  Raygen is a busy baby!  Next it will be her saying "mamma"  well I can hope, right?  Hope you all have a nice Memorial weekend.  We will be busy bee's around here so I'll have lots of pictures to post.  Maybe a better roll over video too.  She caught me off guard on this one.