Sunday, May 27, 2012

1st Bath!!!

Yes I know technically this isn't Raygen's 1st bath but it is just as important or more so to me.  It is Raygen's first bath in the "big girl" bath tub.  Up to this point we have given Raygen a bath in a baby tub on our dining room table (especially with the trach, couldn't risk water going down our child's only airway.) and on her wedge since she has outgrown her baby tub.  She is such a wiggle worm that it has gotten to hard to sponge bath her so I thought I'd take a chance and try our tub and see what she thought.  The reason I haven't tried sooner is we were told with her g-tube that we can't "soak" it in water because the dirty water could seep into her tummy or infect her tube so that is why I just did sponge baths.  But overall the bath in the "big girl" tub was pretty awesome.  You can see from the pictures that Raygen didn't really like it but she didn't freak out either.  It was so quick and I even got her hair washed.  I can do this all by myself which is so amazing to me it just makes me want to laugh with excitement.  I know that may sound silly but there has been so many aspects of caring for Raygen that I always had to wait on someone else to help me so each thing that I can take over and do it alone, just the two of us, is beyond words.  Thankfully though, our first bath, we had big sister Zoie there to help.  Zoie did great.  She helped hand me things and we sang to Raygen the whole time.  I am so lucky to have Zoie.  What two sweet girls I have.

 "I don't know about this mom?"
"Okay, keep singing and I won't cry."