Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big Changes...

 Raygen is officially done sleeping on her wedge on our floor.  She has moved to the crib.  She was getting too big for the wedge and would roll off it during the night so she was always surrounded by pillows so I thought last night it was time to make some changes.
 She did awesome.  She woke up her normal amount of times and I helped her get comfortable and back to sleep she went.
 I know we will probably have some rough nights of adjusting but my plan is to hold tight and not go back to the wedge. 
 Raygen also got a new car seat.  It is a adjustment.  I miss loading her up in the house and just snapping her in the car.  I really will miss the infant seat.  Plus this car seat puts Raygen in perfect height to kick her dvd player the whole time she is in the car.  She turns it off, restarts the movies, turns it off and on and so on the whole time she is in the car. 
Here a sweet picture of my "big" girl!!  We love you Zoie!