Monday, May 21, 2012

Hanging in there.

 Raygen in her Cookie Monster "Cookie Crazy" shirt, lol!!  Just fits her little personality so well.
 I just pretend this is food.  I know she would be this way about ice cream if she would just try it, lol!
 Chewing away.

 She loves to chew on her fingers.
 I love this picture.  She is just like "Really mom! Really!"
 "Give me that camera!"
So I'm pretty sure that we are taking Raygen to the doctor again tomorrow.  I know you can't really tell from the pictures that she doesn't feel that great but you should "hear" her.  She sounds horrible.  It is so sad at night when all she wants to do is sleep but instead all she gets to do is cough till she makes herself sick.  Thank God she hasn't had any fevers and her O2 has been staying good.  It's so hard to tell if she just sounds worse because she still has the one paralyzed vocal cord or if this little bug she has just wont leave.  I'm just praying that no one else in our house catches it.  I don't want to be passing this around in circles here.  Besides her cold, Raygen seems to be doing good.  She is rolling over onto her tummy and then  making it back to her back which is so awesome.  When she has been on her tummy she has been pushing her behind in the air so crawling may be in our near future.  Her right arm may hold her back a little.  With it having the blood clot in it and it being a little weaker then her left she isn't able to hold herself up enough yet to crawl but I see it coming.  Raygen is such a good baby.  She is always making us smile and laugh.  Her facial expressions let you know exactly what she thinks.  Zoie and Raygen have that in common.  I will post tomorrow and let you know what her doc thinks.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers.