Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Ear Infection

Raygen had a horrible night last night.  She just couldn't get comfortable and would only sleep about 20 minutes at a time before waking up crying.  I tried everything rocking, walking, changing her positions but nothing helped.  Finally at 4:30 I gave her some Tylenol and she spit it right up.  She had another big puke about 20 minutes later.  I noticed she sounded very congested and she has this horrible cough that just sounds like it hurts.  Plus she was crying every time she coughed and grabbing her ear.  We had a doctor appointment scheduled already today for Raygen to get her 1 year shots which I was thankful for.  Well Raygen did not get her shots of course today.  Too risky.  If she spikes a temp or anything changes I don't want to think "maybe it was the shots."  So Dr Polley said that Raygen has another ear infection and that her throat is all red and she could see lot of "junk" in there.  So we are back on antibiotics again for 10 days.  My poor baby it's been a roller coaster with two ear infections, g-tube infection and teething.  So far her oxygen sats have been good and staying in her "normal" range same with her heart rate so right now I'm comfortable being at home.  If either of those change then we will take her straight to Children's.  Please pray that she will fight this little bug off at home and that she starts to feel better soon.  Thank you again for all your love, support and prayers.  Each one is felt and needed.