Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go Away Cold

 Zoie went late to school.  I was not waking my baby.  She got up around 4am and finally fell back to sleep around 6am so Zoie was pretty happy to snuggle with her sister.
 My poor baby.  I just hate to see her sick. 
My poor girl is still not feeling good.  She is very congested and still has a pretty good cough.  When Raygen has a coughing fit it usually leads to a throw up and dry heaves, it so sad.  Since she still has one paralyzed vocal cord I think it is alot harder for Raygen to clear herself after she coughs to move all that junk around so she ends up puking.  It's so sad.  I just hold her and rock her after till she catches her breathe.  So far no fevers, Thank God and her O2 has stayed good so we are still just trying to get through this from home.  She is still on an antibiotic for her ear infection and I have kept up on Tylenol every 4 hours.  Raygen seems playful during the day but at bed time it really kicks in.  She just can not get comfortable and just tosses and turns.  I know her poor little head is all stuffed and she can't breathe as good so it just frustrates her till she cries.  I hope tonight will be better and hopefully this weekend she will be back to her normal self.