Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

 I am still in awe in how lucky I am and today I fully appreciate all that we have been through to get here.  All Raygen and Zoie went through this last year is amazing and today (and every other day) I just love being their mom.  I am so blessed to have to great girls.
 Don't you love Raygen's hair, lol!  I forgot to put it in a ponytail before we left our house. 
 This time last year we were in the hospital wondering if we would ever get to bring our baby girl home.  My stomach just goes into knots thinking of those times.  We were deciding if Raygen should get a trach.  So many tears I cried and how much I hurt to see her hurting and on a ventilator on Mother's day.  I thank god everyday for all his blessings and for my great girls.
 I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope you all hugged your children a little tighter today.   
The wind got Raygen here and scared her a bit.  Poor girl she is still adjusting to life's "normals" and to getting out and about.
I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  My husband spoiled me.  I got to go get my hair done yesterday and do some shopping.  He has also been working extra hard on remolding our home and I am just so proud of him and so lucky.  I guess I'm going to have to come up with something really good for him to do on Father's day. 
Tomorrow Raygen goes for a  check up and her 1 year shots (were still a little behind.)  I hate shots.  I know we have to go because she is still digging in her ears so I know they need checked but just knowing ahead of time she has to get poked gives me the worst tummy ache.  It's worse when she has to get labs.  It's just so hard always watching her be in pain and poked and messed with.  Sometimes I just want to grab her and start smacking hands away, lol!  I get bad in the hospital.  I just like us being home and our little normal, extra special family.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!